Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hi 2011!! Bye 2010!!

Bye-bye 2010!! You've taught me a lot about life.. Loads of values!!
2010 somewhat leaving me with stain.. 
Stain that i would like to erased..
However, the memories remain..
I've learnt about LOVE.. about HATRED.. about FORGIVING.. about the ART of LETTING GO.. about MATURITY.. about RESPONSIBILITY.. 
I've learnt to take LIFE SERIOUSLY.. 2010 made me ponder.. about FUTURE i'll treasure..
I try to learn to be a good WOMAN, DAUGHTER, SISTER and MOTHER..
I realized that how important woman is..I'm not to be wasted by a God's creature namely MAN!!
I realized, as a WOMAN, i've a RIGHT!! i deserve to lead my own happy life, not to be conquered by MAN!!

2010 taught me at a negative side as well.. i prefer to say, it is maturity.. ;p 
I learnt to take revenge.. I realized i'm not sooo forgiving..
Deep inside, i'm a fire!! I can be a very nice friend of you..
You treat me WELL? I'll not just treat you the best of mine, but I'll SERVE you my BESTEST!! You deserve it dear..
You treat me BAD? Just wait my dear.. I'll keep with my sweet smile but sorry dear, I'll treat you like RUBBISH then!! You deserve it sayang..
Sounds evil ha? Come on man! That is what we called life..
Until when we want to stay quiet and introverted? Please!

Thats how 2010 befriended with Miss Loner.. =))

Ok, now..
Hi Hi 2011!! I'm welcoming you whole-heartedly..
Oh 2011, please teach me well!! do guide me to be a better 21 year-old girl woman..
Oh.. just realized..i'm 21?? ahaaa.. so, i can get the key of freedom?
Ahaa..maybe thats why mom ask me about marriage..hehe

To my dear 2011..

  • I want to be a GOOD WOMAN as a whole..I want to be pretty inside and outside.. I want to scrub my heart.. Remove all the stains and dead cells.. Replace with the new one.. I want to stay far away from hatred and envy.. 
  • I want a SUCCESS as a MUSLIM DOCTOR.. a success fiddunya walakhirah.. so, i must strive hardto achieve that goal.. 
  • I want to LOVE.. =)) O Allah, grant me your Hidayah.. please show me the light, please open my heart to love..
  • I want to SMILE.. smile is a natural healer.. I want to heal the disease of people.. I want to be friended with them.. 
Dear 2011, do guide me along my journey.. 
Allahumma yassir walatuassir..
Faiza azamta, fatawakkal a'lallah..

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