Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweet child of mine

Looking at your eyes is a blessing..
They are innocent, yet charming..

Looking at your pink plump face, it calms me..
It is very pretty, please don't let frown covers your beauty..

When you smiles, i am just so happy..
Because i know, your dimples were inherited from me..

When you laughs, the world is mine..
It is an undescribable feeling, I cannot define..

Your anger is truly inherited from me..
Your impatience, surely acquired from daddy.. =)

When your body temperature rises, I'm dying..
Because I just cannot stand seeing you suffering..

Watching you sleeping, I could stay awake..
Your breath, your warmth, is not fake..

Oh SWEET CHILD OF MINE, Your existence makes me feel alive..

 Fadzleen Ezyani

I don't know why i was writing this poem, anyhow, this is for u, my future 'sweet child of mine'..ermm..if i have any..  I just like kids soooo much.. I adore them soooo much.. =)


FurBall said...

wah..sume pandai bersajak ni..nice entry!!!mula2 ingat kan letak lagu sweet child of mine td..

the loner said...

heheh..bukan lagu..saja mengisi masa yg x lapang nie..jom pakat2 tulis poem..hee.. ;D
anyway, thanks..

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