Friday, December 31, 2010

Status Game

Status game is sooo interesting..because we can get to know ourselves from other people's perspectives..what they think about us and what they feel about us..what we have to do is, just inbox our number to our friends that play this game..then, they'll write briefly what they think about us on their is a secret between us and the status owner actually..but i think its not a big thing to keep as a, i'll share some with my readers.. =)) Maybe this game looks a lil bit childish..but who cares? as long as we enjoy the game..hehe..

‎9.99... Think dat U have ur own ego. Trying very hard to achieve ur goal in ur life. Well disciplined to time and rules. Have obsession to cute n sweet things. Shy person n have a nice smile. U r gonna be a loyal n loving wife n mother to sumone in da future... N great doc too.. :) " 

~quoted from Ainin 


Reply comment: 
1) my own ego?? bingo!! thats right dear.. because sumtimes, i feel like my ego is going too far beyond the boundary..I tend to be perfectionist..i'm easily felt irritated when something is going wrong and not following the right track..
2) try very hard to achieve goal?? hehe..yeah..sumtimes i do but i think i'm lazy..hehe
3) obsession to cute n sweet things??hehe,,dats right..thats why i'm a shopaholic..=))
4) shy person?? hehe..actually, i hace a really low self esteem..thats why..huhu
5) nice smile?? thanks dear..every people who smile is beautiful!! because 'smile' itself is beautiful..rite? =))
6) loyal loving wife n mother?? oh dear..this is my favourite part..insyaAllah..thats my dream.. =))

5000: len amik dr 1-2011..dy amik 5000..pelik..tuk sape2 yg bajet dri tuh ensem, berduit, pandai n softspoken, sila contact sy tuk bekenalan dgn minah 5000 nih..dy cantek tau tak?! sy bangga dgn dy, sbb even dy cantekk n vogue! tapi dy tak gedik2 mcm pompuan2 yg tak cantekk tuh..haha kawan smpi ujung nyawa ye awak? :D

~ quoted from Naddo ~

Reply comment:
1) 5000..actually i forgot, the number is limited to 2010 only..5000 reminds me of my abah.. i once asked my abah, why he likes 5000 very number WCA 5000, my phone number, 01*-***5000 ma and abah's phone number too..then, he replied, he told me to study hard, get a good job and good salary, at least rm5000..haha..thats why..
2) cantek?? ahaaa..i guess u're kidding naddo..cantek tu subjektif kan? so, semua orang pun cantek..=))
3) vogue?? ahaa..not really la..i'm just a kampung girl with baju kurung..hehe
4) tak gedik?? hehe..that's a compliment..saye ada prinsip..biar orang cakap jual mahal, asal jangan jual murah..tak mampu beli xpe, at least ada usaha untuk kumpul duit.. kalau murah sgt, jumpa syiling tepi jalan pun da mampu beli kan? tak kesahla membunjang pun..hehe =))
4) takmau lah kawan sampai ujung nyawa!! nak kawan sampai akhirat boleh ke awak? =))
5) thanks ye.. =))

To Ainin aka BlackHeron: 

Saye first kenal awak masa kite sama2 SGD masa first rasa awak budak pandai..sebab awak budak pasum n sri, sy pun jadila rendah diri..hehe..Dalam diam-diam, saye sangat kagum dengan awak..awak sangat unik tauu?? sangat pandai puisi dlm blog awak tu sy tak paham? hehe..i think u're a goal directed person..n well orientated, in a same time sgt creative..apa yang awak belajar dlm kelas, mesti awak adapt dgn semua sy baca dlm blog tau! hehe.. and every entries u post, u always put me in awe!! Jadi doktor yg baik ye! nnt baca poem dekat patient.. =))

To Naddo Sarip:

Kite baru je rapat kan? ni semua sbb fb..thanks to fb! hehe..and the geng topi parti..the party really entighten our rasa kamu sgt pelik! haha..sebab semua yg awak ckp, saya rasa wow!! hehe..benda yg org x penah fikir, awak fikir! hebat sgt!! hehe..awak pun sangat baik!! saye suke..auwwww..
Jom strive jd doktor yg baik..yeah!!! 

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