Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too Fragile, Too Bad

I'm easily influenced by emotions..

I'm touched in a blink of eyes..

I can't stand seeing people suffering..

I'm easily distracted by a sense of hatred..

I get irritated when a minor probs came across..

I may be killed by a soft seduction..

I fall in love in a few seconds..

I love wholeheartedly..

I hurt for years..

I'm broken so badly.

I always stuck in jealousy and envy..

I become greedy for love..

I bear a grudge and i'm a silent hater..

I cry abundantly sometimes without purpose..

My heart is just too fragile, too bad..
My fragile heart is broken before and i don't think it can endure more pain..
I'm just hoping it will recover soon..
With fibrosis, it will never be the same..
I really hope later there will be someone who can handle it with care..with tenderness..
I'll treat this fragile heart so that i can love again..
I won't let the past masking my future..

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