Tuesday, January 4, 2011


She is the woman who wears smiles on her face..
She thanks God again and again for the news she just perceives..

It is growing very well, she feels that,
As she talks and sings to it every day every night..

There's a soft voice reciting Yasin in the dawn..
Praying that, to God and parents, it is obedient..

She never forgets Surah Maryam in the noon,
Hoping that she will be strong enough to face her jihad soon..  

She recites Surah Yusuf just after her Asar prayer,
Expecting that it will possesses a good look, resembles it's father..

At dusk, again with Quran in her palm, but this time Surah Luqman..
She talks to Him, so that it will be intelligent and brilliant..  

She cries in the dead of night with her lips whispering..
Oh, to God, she is innocently pleading..

She carries it everywhere she goes..
For her, it is not a burden but an award she bestows..

Vomiting and nauseated, she don't care..
For she believes in herself that she could bear..

She is just a normal woman with an unbelievable bravery and strength, man will never acquired..
She is soft and tender, yet she can resist the challenge, as she believes to Jannah she will be headed..

Written By,
Fadzleen Ezyani

P/S: She is your mother..
Be nice to her or you'll meet disaster..

p/s: again, i don't know why i was writing this entry.. I'm a 20yr old naive girl.. hehe.. just wanna have some 'beautiful' feeling of being a mother to a child.. Oh, maybe currently I'm in Obstetric & Gynaecology Block, thats why i'm being sooo high spirited to be a mom! haha.. 

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