Thursday, December 23, 2010

~Water Therapy~

minum jangan tak minum..ehehe..

 I have a target to drink at least 3L of plain water per day..equals to 2 large bottled water..This is actually part of my diet plans.. i've read some articles regarding water and diet.. Don't be surprise, the colder the water you drink, the harder the body works to cut your calories.. This study was done in Durham in 1997.. seems like a new findings.. Our granny always prohibit us from drinking cold water.. buncit katanya.. this was a mitos! Lucky me, i love cold water!! I can't live without ice.. hehe

This is the proposed hypothesis..not sure if it has been proven or not.. tapi, sebab suka sgt iced water, then i just believe it..haha.. Lagipun, it is logic kot!

"Science" Behind the Water Diet

  • The theory behind the Water Diet is that when cold water is ingested, the body burns extra calories to heat the water up to a body temperature of 98.6 degrees F. The colder the water, the harder the body works to warm up the water. Therefore, even more calories would be burned if a dieter drinks very cold water. Additionally, drinking water in between or with meals gives dieters a sense of fullness, making them less likely to want to eat. Because the kidneys must work to process water, it is also said that the Water Diet results in toxins being flushed from the body.

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    As a result, i had a diuretic phase..sort of irritating.. rushing to toilet every 15minutes..i think i have to get toilet attach to my silap..attach to my study table..hehe,, *nak suruh nampak mcm studyhard* But then, my body maybe have been used to water adapting body..good! cepat tangkap! hehe..

    Inilah tumbler comel saye..Kena habiskan at least 4 botol ni per day..
    p/s: dasar botol nampak kuning kan?hehe..air kampus tercinta memang penuh nutrient especially ferum.. =))

    Kalau x guna tumbler, so kena habiskan at least 2 botol ini per day.. =))

    Tambahan lagi, from my reading, tak ada pun istilah gemuk air.. gemuk sebab makan banyak ade, no worries.. plain water is the healthiest water..lagi banyak kita minum, lagi banyak dia flush out toxic from our body.. Semangat!! hehe.. =))

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