Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today is a bad luck day

It was just a BAD-BAD day..i've no idea but the day went really BAD..
Very eventful PBL(problem based learning) discussion should be at 9.30am..
I came at 7.50am!!! of course not for pbl lah, but for the 'totally spies meeting'..
We finished out meeting at 9.10 so that we can arrive early for pbl..
Rushing to the BPSP (where tutorial/pbl is held)..
As usual, i'm the first person to arrive..
Even if i thought i was late, still, i'm the earliest.. *sigh*
I'm born to wait for people, i guess..
We waited until 10am..dr is still not coming..
Called dr..dr asked us to go to A&E(casualty) dept..
We waited another 45minutes there..
Huh..10.45am! Finally, we started our pbl..
And i know nothing about gynaecology..'s my fault for not preparing..
But please..i am very very tired..
It's not because i'm spending my time doing nonsense stuff..
I'm spending my whole night and dawn to study!
I've to read about clinical obstetric, prepare my topics for study group presentation.. 
But, who wants to listen to my reasons?
Lecturer? Naaaahh..
I am a student..I shouldn't gave that silly reason for not preparing for the's a no-no ok!
Oh, i hate myself today..only for today lah..huh..I just wrongly managed my time last night..
I should read on gynaecology..Hisssssssshhh..
Now, i'm blaming myself..

Next, lecture on Amenorrhea and Dysmenorrhea, start on 11.30am..
11.35am, we're still at A&E dept.. blood pressure suddenly increase..
Shooting up high..very high..
I really can't tolerate when it comes to time..
Ran to the lecture hall..having shortness of breath.. *i'm suffering from astma*
Because of 'time', i ignored my dyspnea..keep running..
A&E dept and lecture hall is quite a distance, enough to put me into breathlessness..
We're sooooo late for the lecture..8 minutes! really can't tolerate..
I can;t blame the lecturer, if she was irritable of our late presence..
But, i also cannot blame myself for the lateness..
Huh..i lost my mood for today..
Ok Ok..i'm not blaming on anyone..
This is what we called, a bad day..
Everyone has a bad day..

I really hate myself..i'm blaming me..
Poor me.. =(

The first event is a good stressor..
But the second event, it really sucks!!
Alhamdullilah, i enjoyed the evening clinical session..with mummy and her baby in the womb..

p/s: doctor, sorry, i'm late.. =(
       i promise i'll be a good student!!
       i'll read all about gynaecology tonight!!
       YEAHHHHH!! *high spirited again*

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