Sunday, March 6, 2011

My heart sank..

I met you accidentally at this one place..
A place where you, me and our friends used to meet long long time ago..
Oh..We haven't meet for years..
I'm not sure if it was you, so i continue my strolling..
But your images keep broadcasting in my views..
I turned back.. and yeah, it was really you!!
You looked skinny.. Tall, still.. And of course your dressing was much much smarter..
You're no longer a kid that i knew before.. You've grown up..

I was about to say "Hi"..
Oh suddenly i noticed there was someone beside you..
A girl.. Seems like your special someone..
And guess what? She is a good friend of mine!!
Yeah, i knew from the start, you never like me.. 
So, i stepped back..
But now.. Huh!! I just cannot accept that my good friend was dating you..       

Lucky me, you didn't notice me at all..
I thought i am able to forget you.. 
But i don't have idea why my heart sank when seeing u with her..
I don't know why my tears just rolling down at that public spot..
Now I realize.. 
Instead of greeting you with a "Hi", i should wish you a friendly "Goodbye"..
Yeah, I'm wishing you goodbye.. Silently deep inside..
And my heart sank again..

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