Friday, August 31, 2012

Hey hopeless!!

I first saw you in a class..
You wore a white shirt with necktie..
You caught my mind, you attract my eyes..
I keep it to myself, the story i never broadcast..

It takes thousand courage to approach you..
I introduced myself as a friend, not a boo..
Bird was singing, sky was blue..
It made up my day, so I thanked you..

You talked about your dream,
Obviously we're in a different stream,
It's impossible that we'll be in the same team..
Huh, suddenly the moonlight became dimmed..

You're a boy with a great spirit..
You told me you won't lose it..
It makes my heart skip a beat..
This is love or what, oh shit!

I stay as far as I could..
Afraid that you'll smell the changes of my attitude..
Hey man, please do not easily conclude..
We will always be friend, right Dude?

One day you talked to me about her..
You said her touch was soft and tender..
I asked if you like the girl, you answer, kinda..
Hey hopeless, don't you ever realised i was way far better?

We both know that we're good friends,
I'll make sure our friendship never ends..
So, it is best for me to dissappear in the rain..
No one would be able to see my tear and my pain..

The reason of this feeling you'll never understood..
It's ok, I don't want to make you understood..

Can't you open a bit of your eyes and your heart..
See my deep wound and unhealed cut..
What the story of my sad heart is all about..
I bear grudges, so do watch out!

Fadzleen Ezyani

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