Saturday, June 9, 2012

What should i do?

What should i do???

A) Just wait a little bit longer
B) Keep waiting
C) Remain silent
D) Reveal what's burning inside 
E) End the story and begin a new one
F) Watch from far
G) Forget 
H) Try again

Hurmmm, I think i should do this : LEARN THE ART OF LETTING GO T_T  


~black heron~ said...

I vote for E n G.

Anonymous said...

Start anew my dear. May Allah find you your better half. A better one. That suits you perfectly Insya Allah =)

Fadzleen Ezyani said...

black heron: thanks.. will consider it..

anonymous: thanks for the great advice!! it makes me feel better.. insyaAllah.. :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome =).Alhamdulillah..!
I love that positive attitude!
Keep praying, smiling and believing that Allah will answer your prayers. I'll pray for you k dear =)

Fadzleen Ezyani said...

thank u very much.. you're a very nice person.. sape ni? plz reveal yourself.. :)

Anonymous said...

You can call me ana..
I've been following your blog
Rase macam dah kenal je walaupun sebenarnye tak kenal .Hehe..
I love reading your blog..
Sangat comel ^^
I'm a medical student also
I sincerely hope the best for you
Insya Allah, you deserve the best! =)

key-rah said...

vote for G.. ;p
just leave everything to HIM.. HE knows the best for you =)
*baru muncul ;p hihi

Fadzleen Ezyani said...

Hihi.. Terima kasih.. ;)

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