Saturday, February 4, 2012

A smile that lasted for a while..

That night..
He called me 'beautiful lady'..
Two times, I still remember both clearly..
And i smiled..

That night..
He gently hold my hands..
Assisted me to deliver the head of the baby..
And i smiled..

That night..
We're both sleepy..
So he cracked a joke..
And i smiled..

That night..
He's tired with so many patients..
He asked me to stay at his right side,
He said, "Dear, can u plz assist me with the epi?"
And i smiled..

I felt special until i heard he told the same things to other person..
And now i realized that i wrongly placed my heart..
I took it back and hopes i'll find someone exactly like him..

Oh God, he's beautiful! Never mind, i'll find someone like you!!

p/s: All good men are taken.. Then, whats left for me? =(

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