Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm just falling.. falling and falling all over again..
When i saw u standing there..
Time runs faster whenever you're around..
I want more..

I like your mischievous smile..
I like your windy hair..
I like your sense of humor..
I like your perverse mind..
I like your naughty grin..
I like your occasional annoying conversation..
I like it when you irritates me..
I like funny random noises u made..
I like the burning touch of your fingertips on my fingers..
I like your small slanted eyes..
I like when you're staring into my eyes..
I like your dimple at your left cheek..
I like to see u when ur nervous..

I know your not the cutest in the world,
but your presence enough to take me to another planet..
and there's something about u that makes my heart drop to the ground..

This is magic..
I just like everything about you, seriously!!

-Fadzleen Ezyani-

1 comment:

Emmet said...

wah, entry yang menarik, blog ni pun lawa, keep up the good work! :D

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